To be or not to be digital

Advertising Age has an article on their site stating (based on Forrester Research) that marketing budgets are moving from non-digital to digital. As a fact this may be correct, but the point is that these choices aren’t being made for the sake of technology but because channels are measurable in terms of ROI. Here is the link to my comment.


2009Q1 marketing budget 20% down: ROI time!!!

Forrester put out a report last week:

“Our (Forrester) Q1 2009 Global CMO Recession Online Survey reveals marketing leaders under pressure to deliver results.”

Whether they like it or not, the CMO’s are under a bad moon. Budgets are down seriously by 20% consequently leading to cost-cutting on mass media by 60%. Ouch!!!!

Special attention (bold emphasis by me) for Forrester’s first  recommendation (out of four):

1) The report showed renewed focus on return on investment measures for marketing — this is a healthy development that will help you post-recession. ROI analysis will eliminate, or at least minimize future marketing nonsense.