Let Ricardo Semler into your DNA

Ricardo Semler is one of my greatest inspirations. Here he presents at MIT about leadership and what it is all about. Also look him up over at Wikipedia. Read his books and read articles on him. Get him into your DNA. This is a man in his own class.


Before Marketing ROI there is creativity

Design the customer experience that the customer is willing to pay for.

Why think?

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Vele handen maken licht werk.

Investigate your MP’s expenses.

De bonnetjesaffaire in Engeland. Alle declaraties zitten in een ‘schoenendoos’. Het zijn er zoveel dat er geen peil op te trekken is. Wat doet The Guardian? Zij roept lezers op om allemaal een stapeltje op te pakken en te turven. Uniek in de wereld!

Stretch your mind


Truly inspiring talks from people of all walks of life who are at the front of their fields of work.