About this blog

This blog is about the ROI you get from marketing. A positive ROI above a certain threshold which you would like to improve or a negative ROI which you would certainly like to improve. Either outcome is a point of reference from which you can start learning by measuring and testing. Furthermore this site is also a lot about the preconditions to be met in order to become a fact-based marketing organisation. Perhaps it’s the hardest part because it is all about power, (mis)conceptions, attitudes, a lot of fear and people defending their status quo.

ROI marketing is about knowing and steering customer behavior based on facts of past behavior in order to establish mutually satisfying and profitable relationships.

The goal of this blog is to enhance and deepen our collective professional knowledge about fact-based marketing. On a strategic and operational level, through all on- and offline channels.

In the turmoil of our times the marketing function is being cut up into smaller entities with their own budgets, targets and goals. The result of all this is that the integral knowledge of the customer is going down the drain. The customer is cut and split up across products and channels and everyone is fine with that as long as the products and channels are profitable. Sooner or later customers find out that the company is only interested in their money and not in serving them based on their wants and needs. So they move on and the company turnover leaks from the bucket. Now the company has to work a bit harder and forget a bit more about customer distractions because now there are even ‘more important’ things to do. You can fill in for yourself what eventually happens to profit.

This is the way it is and marketers have let it happen to themselves. For too long they dodged the issue of being accountable. All recent research shows that no more then 1 out of 4 to 5 budget-responsible marketing executives are able to show the money for what they deliver. Pressure on marketing is higher then ever.

Traditionally the marketing function was about representing the customer inside the company and evangelizing  the needs of the customer and constantly reminding everybody that it is the customer that pays the salaries.

Marketing has to get it’s act together again by utilizing available technology as a tool to gain an integral knowledge of the customer. Easier and better than ever before.

Let’s pick up the pieces. Let’s plan, integrate, measure, analyze and control all customer processes and transparently show what works best in making some fine profits.


2 Responses

  1. Deze website lijkt mij precies in een aantal van jouw interessegebieden te vallen… 🙂

  2. Ja! All work and no play….
    http://www.engadget.com is een site om te volgen. Helemaal goed van hen om technologie ‘slechts’ als gadget te benaderen. Hoe sexy de technologie is (vorm) bepaalt de acceptatie (functie).

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