Truths of “Real” Marketers

The Top Ten Truths of “Real” Marketers – Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog.

There are too many people wandering around bearing some title in marketing who aren’t delivering anyone any good. They don’t have a clue where they are going. Insecure, always looking over their shoulders, blaming, over-shouting to compensate their insecurity, covering up, shooting from the hip, constantly fleeing forward, proclaiming the latest buzzwords, etc. Besides that they hurt customers, colleagues and the company bottom line, they also hurt the marketing profession.

Sooner or later their scams get measured out in the press and the public in general gets the message that marketing is a bad thing. I don’t like this and it makes me angry that these self-inflated balloons totally screw up the marketing profession.

I’m proud of my profession, I love it, and sincerely believe marketing has something to bring to the table that serves everyone. But it starts with integrity, transparency and walking your talk. The above link from Alain Thys should be read as a code of conduct for every marketer (especially seniors).


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